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Learn 5 Ways to Play a C7

Learn 5 Ways to Play a C7

Welcome to the most recent installment of Chord by Chord, a sequence designed to construct your understanding of concord and the fretboard. Within the earlier two classes, I confirmed you D7 and G7 chords at numerous areas on the fretboard, and this time I’ll likewise break down C7.

The Work

To construct a C7 chord, take a C main triad (Instance 1) and add the flatted seventh, Bb (Instance 2). Instance 3 reveals how to derive a C7 chord from an open-C form—all you will have to do is add your fourth finger to string 3, fret 3. Needless to say you don’t have to play all 5 strings. For instance, simply the underside three notes of the C7 chord will get you a tight, jazzy sound.

The following couple of examples are based mostly on barre chord shapes within the third place. First strive Instance 4a after which play Instance 4b, which reveals a much less widespread variation with the flatted seventh added to string 1. By the best way, the barre chords you’ve discovered thus far are all moveable—that’s, you’ll be able to take the identical form and play it wherever on the fretboard for 12 totally different chords. For instance, for those who shift the chords in Examples 4a and 4b up two frets, you’ll have D and D7 chords; transfer the shapes up to the tenth fret for G and G7.

Instance 5a offers you some extra barre chords, this time in eighth place, and Instance 5b is mainly the identical, however on the C7 chord, the fourth finger is added to string 2, fret 11. These shapes are additionally moveable; for example, play them on the third fret for G and G7 chords, the fifth fret for A and A7, and many others.

The Outcome

You need to now know the way to assemble a C7 chord and the way to construct one from numerous C-major shapes to C7, in addition to how to do the identical with D7 and G7. A track that occurs to make good use of the C7 chord is “Comfortable Birthday to You” in the important thing of C. See you subsequent time, once I’ll display a new seventh chord sort—the main seventh.


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