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Toby and Anton in Conversation

Toby and Anton in Conversation

toby and anton

Throughout nowadays spent at dwelling, ten-year-old Toby and seven-year-old Anton have stored us on our toes, but additionally have made us snicker. Right here are some things they’ve busted out with lately…

Anton will get jealous if Alex and I present one another bodily affection. The opposite day, Alex kissed me in the kitchen, and Anton wriggled in between us and pushed us aside: “Keep six Antons aside! SIX ANTONS APART!!!”

Introduced Toby: “I’m 10, so you possibly can’t name me Tubby Wubby anymore. You may name me Toby… or name me Trax.”

Anton tackled Toby, then paused and mentioned: “Bro, how do you get that tender pores and skin? For actual?”

To move time in the automotive, Toby randomly began itemizing the highest 10 greatest trying males in the world: “1. Brad Pitt, 2. Steph Curry, 3. younger dad…”

Final evening, Anton requested me: “Would you relatively have a locket with an image of Toby and me… or a reeeeally lovely locket with diamonds and pearls and an image of simply me?”


A night word from Anton. (What’s poppin’???)

Joanna and Anton

Joanna and Anton

Feeling so fortunate to have these little weirdos!

What humorous issues have the youngsters in your life mentioned lately? How previous are they? I’d love to listen to…

P.S. Toby and Anton in extra conversations, together with when Toby was three years previous.


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