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Japanese Geisha and Maiko filmed in 1900 | AI Enhanced

AI enhanced edits of a few of the earliest footage of Japanese Geisha and Maiko entertainers. From the Meiji period, circa 1900

Japanese Geisha and Maiko Video in 1900

Geisha and Maiko entertainers filmed in 1900 – AI enhanced

Many Japanese girls wore the standard Kimono, Obi or Furisode. This movie clearly reveals entertainers dancing to the accompaniment of two Shamisen gamers.
The dangling Kanzashi on the edges of their hairstyles is a clue to their “Maiko” standing. Geisha hairstyles have been extra formal.

The movie was probably taken in Kyoto through the Hanami season, as we will now see the Sakura blossoms in the background.

Japanese Geisha and Maiko in 1900
Geisha and Mako ladies in 1900

Filmed by Thomas Armat for Vitascope, who co-invented the Edison Vitascope projector ( initially known as the Phantoscope) with Charles Francis Jenkins. The footage is preserved by The US Nationwide Archive.

Maiko dances to accompaniment of the Shamisen.
Maiko dances to accompaniment of two Shamisen gamers

Charles Francis Jenkins – the inventor of Tv

Jenkins offered his invention to Armat, who subsequently offered his ‘modified’ patent to Thomas Edison, below the identify “Vitascope“. The Phantoscope was vastly superior to Edison’s Kinetoscope and the Lumiere cinematographe.

Edison noticed its potential instantly. Armat went on to work for Edison, travelling the world to seize a few of the earliest footage.

Charles Francis Jenkins continued to adapt his authentic Phantoscope into what would develop into a ‘tv’ digital camera, for broadcasting to residence receivers by radio waves. In June 1925 Jenkins demonstrated his ‘movement photos by wi-fi’.

Scottish inventor John Logie Baird later demonstrated his invention in October 1925.

Japanese entertainers in 1900
Three Japanese ladies in 1900

Title: Japanese Scenes – 1894 – 1900 is preserved by the US Nationwide Archive as a part of the Thomas Armat Assortment.

That’s all ! © Glamour Daze

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