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Free Guitar Classes: The History of Boogie with Jimmy Vivino

Boogie is a style of music that originated in the USA within the early 20th century. It’s characterised by its syncopated, upbeat rhythms and its use of the blues scale. The origins of the Boogie might be traced again to the African American communities within the southern United States, notably in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi.

The Boogie emerged from the blues and ragtime music that was widespread within the early 20th century. It was closely influenced by the music African American employees listened to whereas engaged on plantations and within the fields. This music was characterised by its sturdy rhythms and syncopated beats, which have been created through the use of the slide guitar, the bottleneck guitar, and the piano. One of the earliest types of the Boogie was the “barrelhouse” type, which was performed within the bars and juke joints of the Mississippi Delta area. This type was characterised by its fast-paced, driving rhythms and its use of the piano because the lead instrument.

Within the 1920s and 1930s, the Boogie started to evolve right into a extra polished and refined type. Musicians like Pinetop Smith, Meade Lux Lewis, and Albert Ammons started to include extra refined harmonies and chord progressions into their music. This new type, referred to as “boogie-woogie,” grew to become a well-liked type of dance music in the USA and Europe. The Boogie performed a major position within the improvement of rock and roll, and it’s nonetheless being performed and loved worldwide. Right this moment, the Boogie continues to be an important and vibrant style, and it continues to evolve and encourage guitarists and music lovers alike.

In these free boogie guitar classes, you’ll discover the historical past of this fascinating style of music by enjoying your approach via it with Jimmy Vivino. To dive deeper, try Jimmy Vivino’s full course, Jimmy’s Blues Home: Boogie.

Free Boogie Guitar Lesson #1: The Fifties and Muddy Waters

McKinley “Muddy Waters” Morganfield (1913-83) is rightly acknowledged because the hyperlink between prewar acoustic Delta blues and postwar electrical Chicago blues. Not as well-known, nevertheless, he may additionally be seen as a hyperlink between the landmark boogies of John Lee Hooker and Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith and Chicago blues. “Muddy Jumps One”, a uncommon instrumental additionally from that milestone “boogie yr” of 1948 with Muddy backed solely by upright bassist Massive Crawford, employs strolling boogie bass strains on the guitar tantalizingly much like “Rocket 88”. The latter quantity, arguably cited because the “first rock ‘n’ roll document” and produced by Ike Turner, is famous for the uncooked, distorted bass string guitar tone of Willie Kizart which fills the decrease frequencies. As well as, Muddy’s “She’s So Fairly” (1954) makes use of the propulsive strolling boogie bass strains heard in each “Muddy Jumps One” and “Rocket 88”.

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Free Boogie Guitar Lesson #2: 1955 Muddy Boogie (Efficiency)

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Free Boogie Guitar Lesson #3: 1955 Muddy Boogie (Breakdown)

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Free Boogie Guitar Lesson #4: 1966 Slim Boogie (Breakdown)

Eddie “Guitar Slim” Jones (1926-59) was a deeply emotional blues guitarist who squeezed expressively abrasive notes from his @ 1953 Gold Prime Les Paul. Equally necessary to his fame within the 1950s, he was a spectacular performer given to dying his hair numerous colours like blue and purple and strolling out into the viewers by way of an exceptionally lengthy guitar cable. When enjoying with his buddy Johnny “Guitar” Watson, they might typically take turns using on every others shoulders.

Jones was additionally a boogie man. “(They name me) Guitar Slim” (1954, “Quicksand” (1955) and numerous takes of “Guitar Slim Boogie” (1957) reveal limber strolling boogie strains, often within the intros to set the groove.

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Free Boogie Guitar Lesson #5: 1968 Magic Boogie (Efficiency)

Sam “Magic Sam” Maghett (1937-69) was one of these tragic “capturing stars” who rises increased and better after which tragically falls. On this case, not of his personal hand. He was one of the “Massive Three” of Westside Chicago blues fame, following Otis Rush and previous Buddy Man. The sub-genre germinated within the mid-1950s with younger guitarists wishing to interrupt free of their typically constrictive roles backing harmonica gamers on the Southside of Chicago as within the bands of Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf. As a substitute, they needed to step out entrance and solo extra like B.B. King. Partly by coincidence, all three gravitated to the Strat and their recordings have been marked by a vivid, trebly, reverbed sound. Sam’s tended to be extra rounded as he picked with his naked thumb and fingers. Although one of his first classics, “All Your Love”, was minimize in 1957, the albums Westside Soul (1967) and particularly Black Magic (1968) introduced him a lot wider fame, alongside with his fabled look on the 1969 Ann Arbor Blues Competition.

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Free Boogie Guitar Lesson #6: 83 Texas Rub Boogie (Efficiency)

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In conclusion, the Boogie has a wealthy historical past, and it’s deeply rooted within the African American communities of the southern United States. It has advanced over time, from its roots within the blues and ragtime music to the extra polished and refined type of boogie-woogie, which was an necessary affect on the event of rock and roll. Right this moment, Boogie continues to be an important and vibrant style and continues to be loved worldwide.

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